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Why are you still stuck behind a scientific paywall?

There are more than 30 million Open Access versions of otherwise “paywalled” scientific articles.

Open Access Helper is designed to help you get easy & legal access to these documents.

  1. Install the app
  2. Activate the extension
  3. Whenever you browse the web & Open Access is available, a badge will guide you there


The Problem to be solved

When looking for scientific literature you often hit an expensive paywall, while the document might be available to you as free Open Access or as part of your institutional subscription. Open Access Helper is designed to help you in both situations:

  • Whenever the extensions comes across a DOI, it will query the APIs of & to see if an Open Access copy is available elsewhere and clearly indicate this for easy and quick access
  • If no Open Access copy is available and if you have enabled your institution, Open Access Helper can help guide you to the institutional Link Resolver and/or EZProxy login

Institutional Settings

To truly benefit of your institution’s subscription, you must start at the library website, but not every discovery starts there.

With Open Access Helper you can start anywhere, and the extension can help you find the right access point for an article through your institution’s link resolver. If available the extension can also help you access a site through EZProxy, a popular remote access solution!

Free & Privacy Minded

The App is free and will stay though

When it comes to your privacy, you don’t just want to trust a stranger on the internet! To help you decide for yourself the source code for my apps is available at Github. However, if you have questions, don’t be shy and simply reach out!

While I won’t charge you for using my apps, if you’d want to buy me a cup of tea, I am not going to object…

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Services Used

The team behind started the Open Access browser extension revolution. Learn more at

More Open Access, the search behind the main app & source of Recommendation data! Learn more at

How often was an article cited? This can help provide additional context. Learn more at

Free & Open

While the app is distributed through the App Store, the code is available at GitHub, so you can review it. Check it out at GitHub.


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This app is free and will stay so. Download it for iOS, iPadOS and macOS! 

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