Open Access Helper started as a “clone” of unpaywall.org Extension, but it has since grown to do a lot more. While I believe there is value in every feature, I also believe that you should have full control over which feature is active and which is not. Check out the settings to make your own choices!

Open Access Copy

Utilizing the indispensible APIs from unpaywall.org, core.ac.uk and OpenAccessButton.org, we help identify legal Open Access copies of otherwise paywalled articles. This happens automatically in macOS and takes just two taps on iOS.

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Highlight & Search

In macOS you can highlight any text and then right-click to send the selected text to one of three Open Access search engines.

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If there is no Open Access alternative, we’ll use a mighty powerful API provided by core.ac.uk to recommend Open Access articles, which are similar to the one you are looking at.

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Remote Access (Proxy / OpenAthens)

So far all features were about Open Access, this features is there to help you unlock the paywalled content, for which your institution pays a subscription, by connecting you in a most seamless fashion with the institutional EZProxy Server or via the OpenAthens Redirector directly with a resource..

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Ask Your Library

If you are lucky enough to have access to an academic library, there is a good chance that their Link Resolver will help you find alternative access places. This might be from an aggregated full text database or through an inter library loan. It only takes a click, if the library set it up!

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Scientific citations are like links on web-sites, they connect related content together. With OpenCitations.net you can find out how often a document was cited. On macOS a click on the badge, will take you to a site, which lists the citations, ready for you to discover more.

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EBSCOhost Entitlement API

When there is no Open Access alternative, Open Access Helper can utilize the EBSCOhost Entitlement API to find you alternative access via your institution’s subscriptions to EBSCO content. You must have an institution configured and your institution must have provided their EBSCO Customer ID for this feature to be available.

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