Highlight & Search

On iOS / iPad OS

  1. In Safari (or any other app, it could be Mail or Twitter) select any text you would like to search
  2. In the menu that offers you copy functionality, click the Share button
  3. You will see a list of options, find OA Helper and click it
  4. You will see Open Access Helper show up with a number of options, often only Search core.ac.uk will show up, but if your selection had included a DOI it might show you an Open Access Copy
  5. Select the blue Search core.ac.uk button and your search will be transferred to Open Access Helper app

On macOS

Before you can get started on macOS, make sure to open Open Access Helper and click on Settings. There you will be able to enable this feature by selecting, which options should be available. You can select from base-search.net, core.ac.uk and gettheresearch.com

  1. In Safari select any text you would like to search
  2. Control-Click (Right-Click) and then select from the appropriate context-menu
Screenshot showing the Highlight & Search context menu
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