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Open Access Helper respects your privacy, yet it is always there for you, when you browse the web in Safari.

Imagine you access a scientific article and are faced with a paywall. Open Access Helper will automatically extract the DOI and see if an Open Access version exists and show a badge to help you notice it – no effort involved!

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind, when you hear Open Access? Free! No paywalls! That’s right. But it isn’t quite that straight forward, because the path to that free access, is paved with a ton of complicated terminology and a great many different possible access locations.

Open Access Helper is designed to make finding the best Open Access location easy. Whenever my app comes across a DOI, it will query the APIs of & to see if an Open Access copy is available elsewhere.

The App is free and Open Source and I have no intention to change that.

When it comes to your privacy, you should not trust just any stranger on the internet! To help you decide for yourself the source code for my apps is available at Github. However, if you have questions, don’t be shy and simply reach out!

The team behind started the Open Access browser extension revolution. Learn more at

More Open Access, the search behind the main app & source of Recommendation data! Learn more at

How often was an article cited? This can help provide additional context. Learn more at

Free & Open

While the app is distributed through the App Store, the code is available at GitHub, so you can review it. Check it out at GitHub.



What started as a pretty basic app has quickly turned into an ever growing research assistance. The majority of power can be found in the Safari Action Extension, but read below to learn more!


macOS native for best performance

Skip the paywall

Find legal Open Access copies and skip the paywall


No Open Access?
No problem! Check out Core Recommender for similar Open Access documents.

iOS & iPadOS too

Your lifestyle requires multiple devices - OA Helper has you covered!


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I wouldn't want someone tracking me, so I don't track you. Period.

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