Open Citations

Know how often an article was cited is a project, which brings Times Cited counts (the number of times a document was cited in other articles) into the Open Scholarship realm. While it is a fabulous service, the citation counts can differ greatly from those provided by Web of Science, Scopus or Google Scholar.

For the purpose of Open Access Helper I felt that the number of times a document was cited could be a helpful indicator. It will be shown in macOS as its own badge and in iOS just underneath the action buttons.

As you hover over the OC badge, the times cited number will be shown. Clicking the badge will take you to a page on to show additional details. On iPhone & iPad there are no hover actions, so you need to either open the popover or tap to see the Times Cited count.

Please note, like any other feature in Open Access Helper, you can disable it easily, from the settings screen of the app.

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