About me

Claus Wolf
"Hobbyist Developer"

I wished I could say that Open Access Helper was the result of a massive collaborative project, but sadly that would be terribly misleading. My work stands on the shoulder of giants, but is merely a “thin wrapper” around some very sophisticated and powerful APIs.

When I list the main providers of APIs below, please do not misinterpret this as their official endorsement of my work, but rather acknowledgment of the fact, that my app would offer very little functionality without the magnificent work done by these entities.

Just to be perfectly clear: core.ac.uk, ebsco.com, europepmc.org, openalex.org, opencitations.net, unpwaywall.org and Open Access Helper are not affiliated in any way other than that Open Access Helper utilizes APIs most kindly and generously provided by these providers.

Open Access Documents
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