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Imagine you come across an article on your phone, but you either don’t have the time to read it right away, or you find reading a full article on your phone cumbersome. You could copy the URL and send yourself an eMail, or you could use Open Access Helper’s Bookmark feature to quickly set a bookmark. 

If you’ve enabled iCloud Sync, your bookmarks will be securely shared via Apple’s iCloud service to all your other Apple devices, on which you have installed Open Access Helper.

It’s super easy and can be super useful!

How to use

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Open Access Helper App and select Settings
  2. Ensure that Enable Bookmarks is switched on and iCloud Sync Bookmarks is on as well
  3. When you come across an interesting document in Safari, select the Share icon > OA Helper and click on Bookmark

If your other device is a Mac:

  1. Open Open Access Helper and click on Bookmarks
  2. You should now see all bookmarks from your other devices, double-click to open

If you other device is an iOS device (e.g. iPad):

  1. Open Open Access Helper and go to Settings and ensure that Bookmarks and iCloud Sync are enabled
  2. Now select Bookmarks from the tab bar


  • Open Access Helper for macOS can read Bookmarks, but cannot set them

Tutorial Snippet: Adding a bookmark

Tutorial Snippet: Retrieving bookmarks

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