Author : cwolf


In this version I implement a features, requested by a user: * Infinite scroll in result lists, allow you to see more than 50 results. As you scroll towards the bottom the app will start load an additional 50 records. You will see an appropriate indicator Additionally: * Added option to only use “” instead […]

Version 1.8

This version adds support for Core Discovery, helping the app find even more legal Open Access copies of otherwise paywalled scientific articles! My thanks and gratitude to both and for making this app possible!

Version 1.6

Bug fix, which caused an unnoticeable crash in the background Stability to delete iCloud Bookmarks, which you would have created in the iOS partner app Ssupport for in highlight & search Ssupport for (Single Page Application) for Open Access Detection (DOI) Sa slightly improved layout

Version 1.6

After adding a lot of features in version 1.5, this version focuses on improving usability of these features.  * The code for finding Open Access versions of otherwise paywalled scientific articles has been further improved * You will now find a familiar tabbed interface, ensuring quick and easy access to all features * Settings, which […]

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