Author : cwolf

Version 2023.9.1 (all browsers)

This version enhances the way you can search for and select your local institution. Up to this point you had to first select if you wished so search by domain or name and then conduct a search. Now you can start typing freely to see all matching institutions: The update also enhances treatment of the […]

iCloud+ Private Relay: How it might affect IP access to publisher platforms

In just a few weeks, students will return to university and will certainly want to take advantage of the wide range of resources available through their university library. These same students might return to campus with a new MacBook, or another Apple device. Many library resources can be accessed directly on campus, without the need […]

Version 2023.8 (all browsers)

As you are getting ready for the new academic year, I am happy to report that Version 2023.8 is starting to roll out to a browser near you. Updates to the Open Access Badge Open Access Helper now uses a new icon, when a user is already at the Open Access copy of the article. […]


All Versions: This version brings improvements to the web extensions Settings screen. The screen has been redesigned to show fewer options at once and offer an overall cleaner and more modern user experience. iOS / iPadOS: Improvements to OpenAlex support within the app: Enhancements to analytics collection: When it comes to analytics, I would like […]

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