Month: January 2019

Version 1.1

For this version, I focused on improving the user experience: * in the result overview you will now see up to two lines of the title and three lines of the abstract * furthermore in the result list an icon indicates whether a PDF is readily available (green) or a click to is needed […]

Swift 4: Copy a UILabel in iOS

By default a UILabel doesn’t get any copy & paste commands in iOS. After all, it’s a label, why would you want to copy a label? It turns out, you might want to do that, if you are “abusing” a label to show something useful and in that case you probably want the entire label […]

Swift 4: Adding new UI Elements to the Main.strings file, which Xcode auto-generates for you

When you are ready to localize your App, Xcode will auto-generate a Main.strings file for your Main Storboard. In that file every element of the User Interface (labels & more) are listed in the following format: /* Class = “UILabel”; text = “Subtitle”; ObjectID = “y5E-9n-LU8”; */ “y5E-9n-LU8.text” = “Untertitel”; That’s a pretty awesome format, […]

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