Version 2019.12

This update brings to you some improvements, ensuring you will find it easier than before to find a legal Open Access copy. 

Amongst the changes are:

• Open Access Button will only show for articles published within the last 5 years

• Support for “Similar Articles” (powered by

A few notes about “Similar Articles”:

• You will only see them, when there is no Open Access copy found

• They are determined based on some mighty smart algorithms by

• The basis for recommendation is Title, Abstract, DOI, Authors, Referrer (the URL of the article)

• Please expect load times to take a few seconds, this will not slow down your ability to find Open Access copies

• As always, if you don’t want these recommendations or if you don’t find them useful, you can disable them in Settings

Please double check the Settings tab within the app, to ensure that your choices for the following values are correctly reflected:

• Show “Open Access Button Request”

• “Show Similar Articles”

• “Share usage once a month”

Lastly, let me thank you for using Open Access Helper in 2019 and making it a fun tool for me to work on. I look forward to supporting your research in 2020! Remember you can always reach out to me with feedback and feature requests!

Version 2019.12
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