2022.2 (iOS & iPad OS)

I am very pleased to have released Version 2022.2 for iOS and iPad OS. This version includes two new features, which were inspired by Bill Neill:

1. Search History

Search History will keep track of all searches you conducted within the iOS & iPad OS App. All searches will be kept for seven days, after which they will be deleted. If you would like to keep a search, tap the “heart”.

2. Marked List

When viewing records within the iOS & iPad OS app, you can mark them. These records will be kept in the marked list, from where you can view them quickly at any time.

3. iCloud Sync

Search History & Market List use Core Data on your phone to store records, but also sync via iCloud to ensure that if you find a good search and/or a great article on your iPhone that it is available on your iPad and vice versa.


You can enable / disable these new features via the Settings screen.

2022.2 (iOS & iPad OS)
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