All Versions:

This version brings improvements to the web extensions Settings screen. The screen has been redesigned to show fewer options at once and offer an overall cleaner and more modern user experience.

iOS / iPadOS:

Improvements to OpenAlex support within the app:

  • Author Searches in Advanced Search
  • Lateral searching through topic (subject) buttons within detailed record

Enhancements to analytics collection:

  • Removed search term logging, unless it was a failed search. This will help me understand not so much what you are searching, but if certain type of searches need better support. For example I previously found that users were pasting in URLs to perform a search
  • Added logging to indicate 429 (Rate Limit) http status codes from core.ac.uk – trying to understand how often you are affected by this type of problem

When it comes to analytics, I would like to remind you that I do this in the most privacy conscious way I can imagine, which records no Personally Identifiable Information and uses a service (telemetrydeck.com), which prides itself in helping me achieve these goals

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