Release Notes (iOS)


In this version I implement a features, requested by a user: * Infinite scroll in result lists, allow you to see more than 50 results. As you scroll towards the bottom the app will start load an additional 50 records. You will see an appropriate indicator Additionally: * Added option to only use “” instead […]

Version 1.6

After adding a lot of features in version 1.5, this version focuses on improving usability of these features.  * The code for finding Open Access versions of otherwise paywalled scientific articles has been further improved * You will now find a familiar tabbed interface, ensuring quick and easy access to all features * Settings, which […]

Version 1.5

Thank you for your interest in OA Helper, in this release a lot has happened: Improved DOI recognition ———————— Several enhancements have been made to make the recognition of Digital Object Identifiers on popular sites, such as more accurate. Improved handling of response ——————————————- I had made a mistake in handling the […]

Version 1.1

For this version, I focused on improving the user experience: * in the result overview you will now see up to two lines of the title and three lines of the abstract * furthermore in the result list an icon indicates whether a PDF is readily available (green) or a click to is needed […]

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