Release Notes (macOS)

Version 2021.1

Within the next few days Version 2021.1 of Open Access Helper will be available to you for all platforms. Important Bug Fixes This version fixes various smaller bugs On iOS / iPadOS an error is fixed that allowed certain article to add horizontal scrolling to the detailed view search results New Features In collaboration with […]

Version 2020.7

In this version Open Access Helper (macOS) got a new set of icons, both for the in-page badges and the toolbar icon. This aligns the look and feel of Open Access Helper for macOS with the newly released version for Chrome. This version also includes bug fixes and a new feature, which lets you suppress […]

Version 2020.5

Est-ce que vous parlez français ? Thanks to @f_renaville Open Access Helper (macOS) does now have a French translation. Thank you François The other feature of this version is that I removed the code that would send anonymous usage statistics to me once a month. You always had full control over whether to send the […]

Version 2020.3

This version introduces OpenCitations to Open Access Helper. A badge will show the number of times the article you are viewing has been cited, helping you easily identify the most popular research.  Furthermore a number of smaller performance enhancements and bug fixes are included.

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