pymarc – Python MARC record processing (convert MARCXML to MARC)

This will sound very boring to anyone not involved with Library data, but pymarc totally blew my mind the other day. The library – available from or via  pip install pymarc allows super simple processing of MARC data. My personal need was to quickly and efficiently convert records from MARCXML to MARC21. To do that you obviously need to […]

python Webscraping

Writing a web scraper with python is easy, if you allow yourself a little help by two beautiful libraries BeautifulSoup Requests

If you look at it in reality, all the good stuff is happening from line 15 to 21 On line 15+16 we let Requests makes it easy to get the content of our […]

Python, Diacritics and translate function

Did you know that Dutch uses the following list of special (diacritic) characters? áéíóúàèëïöüÁÉÍÓÚÀÈËÏÖÜ While I was working on a python script, I figured I could simply use python’s translate function to “translate” them to their base character. It probably is the worst idea ever, but hey, it is what it is. According to you […]

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