Version 1.1

For this version, I focused on improving the user experience:

* in the result overview you will now see up to two lines of the title and three lines of the abstract

* furthermore in the result list an icon indicates whether a PDF is readily available (green) or a click to is needed (blue)

* in the individual result view you will now see a much improved display, including navigation at the bottom that lets you navigate from one record to the next and access full-text / record even with long abstracts. The goal was that these buttons are easy to reach on iPhone and not distracting on iPad

In the Action / Search Extension, I focused on:

* bringing support for PubMed and IEEE, helping identify DOIs there

* fixed a bug, which occurred when a page included an invalid DOI

* improve the flow for “highlight & search” actions, which will now take you to the search app, instead of initiating a web search

Lastly, I resolved a number of smaller bugs and ensured more comprehensive localisation in both English & German.

Version 1.1
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