2022.7 (iOS, iPadOS)

In addition to the changes to the Safari Extension, Open Access Helper 2022.7 bring support for openalex.org to the app.

OpenAlex is a fully open catalog of the global research system. It’s named after the ancient Library of Alexandria and made by the nonprofit OurResearch.


To activate this search provider, select Settings > OpenAlex.org

Please note that with this release I have also introduce “infinite scrolling”. As you reach the bottom of the list, new records will be loaded until no more are available for your result set. Infinite Scrolling is limited to three pages of results for core.ac.uk, to avoid hitting the API Rate Limit this provider imposes, but is fairly unlimited for https://europepmc.org and https://openalex.org

2022.7 (iOS, iPadOS)
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