Cookie Consent

Today, I implemented a new cookie consent form for my website. As part of this work I had the tool perform a scan of the cookies used, so I could remove some to the best of my ability. As a result I removed a YouTube embed and replaced it with a more traditional link. Fun fact, most of the cookies you might now see are associated with the Cookie Consent form. 🤯

I truly believe in your right to chose. Thus I elected to provide three option “Cookie Settings”, which tells you a lot more than you might want to know, a Reject All and an Accept All. To be fair, Reject All cannot stop the “Necessary Cookies” from being set, but it will stop non-essential cookies.

In the end you can expect two categories of cookies from this site:


  • PHP Session
  • Cookies associated with the consent form


  • Matomo Analytics

If you’ve heard of Matomo Analytics, you know it is a privacy minded analytics tool, if you haven’t now you know 🙂 I have it self-hosted, so the data gets stored on my server and I took care to configure it in such a way that no personal information is tracked. It’s still rather nice to know how this site is used.

Cookie Consent
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