Author: cwolf

Version 2020.3

This version introduces OpenCitations to Open Access Helper. A badge will show the number of times the article you are viewing has been cited, helping you easily identify the most popular research.  Furthermore a number of smaller performance enhancements and bug fixes are included.

Version 2020.1

In this version I’ve packed a lot of useful features, including: * you will now see “version information”, as you hover over the orange button. This will indicate to you whether the found Open Access version is the “submitted version”, “accepted version” or “published version” * if you’d like you can enable support for CORE […]

Version 2019.12

This update brings to you some improvements, ensuring you will find it easier than before to find a legal Open Access copy.  Amongst the changes are: • Open Access Button will only show for articles published within the last 5 years • Support for “Similar Articles” (powered by A few notes about “Similar Articles”: […]

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